Hello folks,

I wanna disclose the reality and purpose of Hijaab. The veil which Muslim women wear to cover themselves is called Hijaab.

I have read in many news articles that people around the world have difference of opinion about Hijaab. Mostly people think it as regressiveness of the religion over women. They think that women in Islam are not free to make choices or build careers or study. It is a common misunderstanding among foreign people that Muslim men torture their women and do not honour their choices.

Me, as a woman would like to clear this misinterpretation of Hijaab. Firstly, Hijaab is a religious symbol of Islam. Women with choice cover themselves in front of strange men. These strange men are also called the Non mehrams(Non mehrams are those men from whom Nikah is allowed). Secondly, in Islam, Allah the Almighty has ordered the Women to cover themselves and hide their beauty from strange men. The reasons are simple; Allah in this way has protected women from being harassed or abused. Thirdly, even men in Islam are ordered by Allah(swt) to lower their Gazes and not stare at strange women. Men are even ordered to protect and respect women. Moreover, it’s human nature to cover anything that’s precious and valuable. Who keeps precious gems, diamonds or gold ornaments openly. All priceless things are always kept safe inside a chest or locker. In Islam, woman is more precious than a gem or a diamond. It is a way to keep her safe.

Islam is a religion that promotes piousness in it’s followers. In Islam it is made sure that the society gives equal rights to all. Allah is modest and loves modesty. Thus, modest dressing of Muslim women signifies their obedience to Almighty, not regression or oppression. They are free to study, to build careers and to take decisions. There fathers, brothers and husbands support them to achieve high.

There are numerous Muslim ladies who have established sky reaching careers. Thousands are doctors, engineers and teachers. Muslim women are the most respected women in the World. No culture or religion has given as much respect to women as Islam.

Hijaabis wear Hijaab with dignity. It is a sign of their pure Soul. Their Husbands are the luckiest men as their love and affection is for them only. Wearing immodest clothes is something these women with Hijaab do not approve.

Last but not the least, wearing Hijaab doesn’t means they belittle other women who do not wear it. They respect women from all religions because womanhood deserves respect. Thus, these pious and modestly dressed ladies do deserve respect. They are humans and free to live their lives freely. According to their beliefs.

Before hating or passing rude comments, one should recheck the facts. Hate is a strong emotion. A whole religion or it’s followers do not deserve hate. Religions never teach violence or oppression. A Muslim can be wrong but not the whole religion Islam. Let’s stop Islamophobia. Let’s spread peace. We should live in harmony and accept each other’s differences. We should stand together for Humanity.

Hope, peace prevails.

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