Happiness can’t be Bought

Hello bloggers, what is your opinion about happiness can't be bought. In today's world majority of people are busy in making money. Do you think Money is the only key factor towards a better, bigger and brighter life full of Happiness??? If not, then what is the thing in your life that make you happy? [...]


A Cinderella Story

Hello wonderful creations, Today I'm really happy, to see a Cinderella wedding coming alive. Prince Harry and Lady Meghan Markle are officially married and they have created a History. Together they made us believe, if your love is true it can conquer all odds. And take you towards a blissful journey. Cinderella's story has always [...]

An Important piece of Advice

Hello beautiful people, Asalamoalikum... Today I'm going to give the girls out there a piece of advice. And that is if you take the decision to marry, make sure the person you have chosen has respect for women. He should know how to give love, care and respect to you. I believe more than anything [...]

Ramadan Kareem

Hello dear bloggers, Ramadan is here, a month of offering prayers, spreading love and peace. People in Ramadan try being a better human, being a better muslim. This month teaches us to erase the negativity and social evils from the society. Giving charities, sadqa and zakat to the needy. Therefore, try being a better muslim, [...]

Waves of Oceans

Hello dear bloggers, I wanna share my thoughts about oceans. I don't know why but I have always loved the oceans. I feel the Waves of the oceans give us company, they whisper certain secrets, which we cannot hear. I have always imagined them whispering mysteries. Whenever I feel sad, I have a urge to [...]