Life is Beautiful

Hello dear readers, I really appreciate the talent of writing in the world. There are many writers here, each possess a specialty, a unique versatility. Today my post is about Life isn't complicated or difficult instead it's full of colors, choices and opportunities. In short it's beautiful. The life given to us or other living [...]


Beautiful Souls

Today's post is dedicated to the people who possess a heart of gold. The beautiful souls of our planet. Humanity created by God is beautiful. But we the people make it ugly. Today I want to write about humans who are selfless, caring and loving. Their warm hearts, soft nature and understanding minds make lives [...]

Live a life worth living

Hello readers, here is the most necessary advice for all of you. Life isn't easy and to survive in today's world is quite difficult. But life is something worthy and we should live a life worth living. Here is the to do list: Be passionate: You should be passionate about your dreams, hobbies, and personal [...]